8 Marketing Questions

Last Fall, I was privileged to attend a seminar presented by Daily Printing of Plymouth, MN. The seminar’s topic was “Marketing to Millennials.” One of the speakers was Trish Witkowski from FoldFactory.com. She presented a list of 8 Marketing Questions that every organization should ask everyone in their marketing department if they want to reach the Millennial generation.

The Eight Questions are:

  1. Is our church true to its mission and the values it promotes?
  2. Are we consistent in how we present the brand?
  3. Are we transparent about what we do and how the church operates?
  4. Do we embrace the church’s personality & history
  5. Do we share our passion with our customers?
  6. Do we acknowledge and accept responsibility for our mistakes?
  7. Do we tell our story honestly?
  8. Do we care about our customers and the world around us

This is my take on the 8 questions. And I presented over 8 weeks to the congregation because every one of us should know that all of us are part of the marketing team. And while these might be especially applicable to Millennials, they actually apply to every person we meet.