According to the Will of the Lord

Does God decide everything? Or do we have a say? Pastor Tony Stoutenburg looks at 1st Kings 11, 12 & 22 and points out that while God makes some decisions, we have a say as well in earthly matters.

A little background to one of the stories in the message. In the children’s message. Pastor Tony asked the children what “repent” means. They did not know, so he told them that on Friday he had been driving in a nearby city, and saw some construction ahead. So he decided to turn left a block before it. There was a man stopped at the corner on the street he was turning on to, and as Pastor Tony turned the corner, the man yelled out his window, “Repent!”

No, that is not what he yelled; he yelled, “No! This is a One Way Street! You are going the wrong way!” (Which is, by the way, the meaning of “repent.”)

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