The Center Point of History

As we celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation this year, Pastor Tony Stoutenburg talks about the Cross of Christ, which sits at the center of Luther’s Rose, his personal coat of arms.

A couple of notes about the Sermon. If you wish to see the Family Feud out take that I shared, it is here

The list of things that others offered that we prefer to say instead of “sin”: Bad childhood, my choice, don’t judge me, junk, struggles, failures, mistakes, baggage, issues, hang ups. problems, challenges, Regrets, Poor choices, white lies, Woulda coulda shouldas, Oopsies, Blunders, OofDas, But I didn’t mean to, but my intentions were good …

And finally the picture which I did not name after the Santa Rosa fire pictures was a picture of Harvey Weinstein.


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